Dananns’ Doubloons – At Last!

Hurrah!  The Dananns’ Doubloons Jewelry Set is here at last!  While the initial necklace and earrings were designed for a limited time in-world Hunt specifically, the set has been rounded out by a double chain bracelet featuring the same motifs.

The gold Spanish doubloons, the large, oval-set emeralds, and the delicate gold shamrocks studded with marquise-cut emeralds are connected by unique & delicate links of gold chain.  A perfect marriage of Eire and Iberian!

Our pirate lass had heard of the dark haired, blue-green eyed descendants of Spanish Armada shipwrecked sailors and their lovely red-haired Irish brides.  She hardly cared until she met a dashing young corsair who caught her eye – he was the typical “black Irish” lad, with stunning blue eyes and dark hair.

When she “stumbled” upon an old trunk of Spanish doubloons and South American emeralds, she was inspired to create the Dananns’ Doubloons jewelry line!

Additions to the jewelry line are planned in the future, including a choker and an anklet option!  Come see these items in world:  AZE Designs Main Store

Or on SL Marketplace: AZE Designs Store on Marketplace


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