A (Near) Perfect Set of Pearls – AZE Pearl Necklaces

“Our pirate lass found a cache of luminous pearls and a spool of silken thread buried deep in the treasure chest.  During the long voyage to the Orient, she fashioned beautiful pearl necklaces – lovely enough for Triton’s daughters!”

And I say “near” because of some modesty, but I must admit that I’m quite happy with these.  I created the three sizes of pearl necklaces out of frustration with what was available in world – how can one line up some white round objects, with no real connectors, and call them quality pearls?  And then charge an outrageous L$3000 for them?  *shakes head*

In the “real” world, quality pearls are strung on silk thread, and then knotted separately, so, in case of breakage (a moment of passion or clumsiness) the precious pearls are not all lost in one fell swoop.  These pearls have been individually placed, with an actual “knot” and “string” between each one!   The pearls are also slightly graduated in size, as they would be in “real life” – a slight “glow” gives these pearls a realistic luster.

A discreet gold bead with the AZE logo at the back finishes the piece.

These pearls come in three lengths, short, medium, and long – and are all very reasonably priced!  A perfect gift or accessory for that special lady, or even a bridesmaid gift for your wedding attendants!

Please see the other illustrations as well!

(The long-length necklace is actually a glorious 254-prims, just two short of maximum linkage allowed!)

Come see these items in-world:  AZE Designs Main Store on Beautiful Pirate Point Break

Or on XStreet :  AZE Designs Product Page


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