Gear & Hearts! Victorian Etched Glass, Remnants of Industry, Shades of Old London…

Would a pirate lass be consorting in old London?  Only if she had something precious to sell or to acquire!  I like to think our plucky miss ventured from a safe harbor up the coast down to London town – perhaps the ship needed a complicated piece of machinery for navigation (her father always sent her on strange errands.)

Perhaps she stumbled upon a stash of bright golden gears that inspired her!  She traded some of the random pearls on hand for a red velvet bag of them.  As she walked cloaked through the upscale shopping districts, etched glass lamp globes caught her eye.  Through her connections at the harbor, she found out where the factories where, and “procured” some samples.  Quietly traveling back to where the ship waited, she delivered the navigational device, then hurried to her cabin where she spread out her new treasures…

These necklaces were made exclusively for the 2010 Broken Heart Hunt!  Since most of the hunt items I place on sale are for a reasonable L$50, you can have this set of three necklaces for a song!

This set has three necklaces, one for men, two for women.  In trying to create a jewelry item with a steampunk feel,  I actually reproduced in miniature a ballpeen hammer and chisel.  Now that was an interesting challenge!  They might make an appearance in future pieces.

Also featured is a glass heart filled with the shards of broken ruby – a “broken heart” reproduced in gems!  This detail led to the creation of more glass heart designs and then ultimately served as inspiration for the Gear & Hearts jewelry line.

“Looking for something unusual?  This set of unique jewelry items feature two Victorian motifs – the practical mechanical gear and beautiful frosted glass.  They combine to make a design that is oddly modern!  Spoil that steampunk girl in your life!”  I debuted these items just in time for Valentine’s Day 2010.  Included in the collection are earring sets, a bracelet design, a collar necklace, and an anklet set.

A beautiful set of earrings featuring gears and a variety of glass hearts to match every mood!   Three different earring sets are available, two sets of three designs each and the full six.

This lovely necklace features seven glass hearts, including the main pendant that contains shards of ruby (look closely!).


I personally love this bracelet design – I would definitely love to have this in RL!  A solid charm bracelet with six unique glass heart designs!

A set of two sturdy yet delicate anklet chains, one for each ankle, featuring six delicate glass hearts!

Come see all these items at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!

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