Hunt Season is Upon Us! Next – Seven Deadly Sins – Lust!

Well, the pirate lass has returned from her summer voyage, and is sailing straight into – HUNT SEASON!

AZE Designs will be in two enjoyable hunts this fall, with hopefully more to follow in the winter.

The Seven Deadly Sins Hunt series will begin on Monday, September 13!  The featured sin will be LUST!  What does a pirate lass lust for?  Gold of course, but also the creature comforts to make her cabin her own – fine Paris perfumes and lace!  But mostly – she lusts for his “sword,” and for his heart!  Also, a man’s item may sneak its way into the hunt apple.  Come to the main store the week of September 13-20, for your bit of lust.

Click on the link below to find out more information about the hunt, this is the first in a series of seven one-week hunts throughout the year!  Most importantly – all landmarks will be on the official hunt list, so make sure to check the hunt blog page!

Seven Deadly Sins Hunt – Lust!

And then….next up!  The Macabre Hunt, starting October 6.  The theme?  “Death to Davy Jones”  – it thrills my pirate heart!  Argh, ye mateys!

The Macabre Hunt – “Death to Davy Jones!”

Please stay posted – this week another jewelry line will be featured!


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