AZE Jupiter Pearl Jewelry

Amilia sighs….this blog entry took longer then expected, but that had something to do with an unfinished story.  Now that the Jupiter Pearl Jewelry Collection also exists in silver, the tale is closer to completion and can be told.

Lengths of gold chain and droplets of pearl lying on the bottom of the old wooden chest – their shininess tortured the pirate lass.  She could just string them together, but she wanted to actually do a design!  After many fruitless attempts, an idea finally formed!  Diamond-shaped, pearl-enhanced, the delicate chains coalesced into just what she wanted.  Satisfied, she presents to you, the AZE Jupiter Pearl Jewelry collection!

From the illustration at left, the delicacy of the necklace is more apparent – and this was only possible with the development of a very specialized sculpty that recreated the look of multiple chainlinks – Hurrah!

Once the gold version was complete – the “tedious” work on recreating the look in silver was launched, and now the AZE Jupiter Pearl Jewelry Collection is available in both gold and silver.

 The sets consist of a necklace, earrings and two bracelets – all available separately or in various configurations.  Some of the purchasers of these sets have actually used them for their bridal parties, or as gifts for their bridesmaids!

Creator’s Note:  This design is closest to the sort of jewelry I used to make in-world – I was thrilled when I could recreate the look in Second Life.

Available on Marketplace and at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!


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