Mardi Gras Season is Here at AZE Designs!

One of our pirate lass’ favorite holidays is Fat Tuesday – she has often taken small craft to her favorite cities to celebrate, such as New Orleans and Venice – she even snuck into Vienna once via the Danube.  She felt that sets of Mardi Gras beads should be made available for purchase for people to have their own celebrations, whenever they want!

Thus, Mardi Gras Beads, for your next Fat Tuesday party! The following sets all have single-strand beads that come in three different lengths.  These beads are all Modify/No Copy/TRANSFER so you can pass them out to your guests at your event!

These boxed sets are arranged as follows:

Two Standard Sets, one with 27 necklaces in gold, green and purple, and one with 36 necklaces with multi-hued beads.

One Deluxe set that includes both Standard Sets of beads, Tri-color and Multi-color, for a total of 63 Mod/No Copy/TRANSFER single-strand necklaces.

Finally, the Super-Deluxe Set includes both sets of beads doubled, Tri-color and Multi-color, for a total of 126 Mod/No Copy/TRANSFER single-strand necklaces!

All of these sets include, as an extra bonus, two full perm gestures, and two Mod/Copy textures you can use to make your own signs for your event.

One other special request item turned into a Mardi Gras bead set!  I was asked how to link these separate strands together, and I decided to come up with a set of TRIPLE-strand beads!  In combinations of gold, green, purple & multicolored beads, there are a total of 28 Mod/No Copy/TRANSFER three-strand necklaces.

Easy to use, you can distribute these colorful necklaces to your guests by dragging the beads from your inventory either to the avatars, to their IM box, or to their profiles.  If they are unable to find them, direct them to the Recent Items tab in their inventory!

AZE Mardi Gras Masks – sculpted, textured prim masks with beautiful details.  Modifiable (instructions and pose stand included).  They are sized for both men and women, check the posters and Marketplace listings for details.  Here are some samples!

“Laissez le bon temps roulez!”

Find more masks here:
AZE Designs Store on Marketplace


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