Minor Arcana Tarot Charm Jewelry Line

Presenting the AZE Designs Minor Arcana Tarot Charm Jewelry Line!

The Minor Arcana Tarot Charm jewelry line is derived from the hunt item created for the 2009 Tarot Card Hunt.  The jewelry items are forged with simple gold links, and feature charms that represent each of the symbols and elements of the Minor Arcana – Pentagram (Earth), Swords (Fire), Cups (Water), and Wands (Air).  Items available in this jewelry line include earrings, a necklace, a charm belt and a bracelet.

The Minor Arcana cards, along with symbolizing the four elements, also represent events, situations and people in our everyday lives.

Thus, an important characteristic of the Minor Arcana is personal control.

Please also look at the photograph of the details of the charms – what the photo CAN’T show you is that:  The Sword’s flames are REAL (wink) and little puffs of “air” animate the Wand!

These beautiful pieces are just the thing to enhance your Medieval or Goth outfits! Enjoy!


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