Taste of the 50s Hunt! by Sour Pickles – We are in it!


Approximately 82 stores are included, with lots of goodies available!  Sour Pickles is a whimsical store in Second Life with all kinds of amusing accessories to make your Second Life more fun.  Past hunts organized by Sour Pickles have included “Apple of My Eye” hunt, “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” hunt, and the “Family Jewels” hunt.  Check the blog for starting locations and hints!
Below are the AZE Designs entries:
First of all, a tortoise shell butterfly design worked into a gold link necklace for the ladies:
Hoping to turn this into a stylish jewelry series soon!
For the men, this brown leather wrist cuff with a tortoise-shell snake is available:

Both of these items are modifiable and copyable.  Look for the 45 vinyl record somewhere around the store!  Oh, by the way, the 45 records were the small ones – they were like the single MPG or ITunes song purchases of long ago – except there was always a flip side as well!
A quick note about tortoise-shell – the following information is culled from Wikipedia:
“Tortoiseshell or tortoise shell is a material produced mainly from the shell of the hawksbill turtle, an endangered species…In 1973, the trade of tortoiseshell worldwide was banned under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)…Tortoiseshell was attractive to manufacturers and consumers because of its beautiful appearance and its durability, and its organic warmth against the skin….There have been a number of faux tortoiseshell materials developed since the 1970s, most of which mimic the appearance of tortoiseshell. Tortex is a material that was created to replace tortoiseshell guitar picks and has been widely accepted as a suitable substitute.”
One of the beauties of Second Life is that we can have items that mimic real-world materials such as precious metals, all based on graphics, without actually depleting limited resources or harming endangered species.  As to our desires to still have these items, real or virtual, is an entirely different issue – for discussion in another forum.

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