Jupiter Jewelry goes romantic!

So…This post is a little late…but just wanted to make sure you all knew about the transformation of the Jupiter Jewelry line into even more romantic design – and the lines were completed just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Voila!  The AZE Jupiter Pink Topaz Hearts Necklace and Earrings in gold and silver!

The AZE Jupiter Jewelry line has been transformed with precious pink topaz hearts – a wonderful gift for your loved one!

And here are the Ruby version of the Jupiter Jewelry line!

I’d like to think that our pirate lass found a secret compartment in one of her “borrowed” treasure chests – she found finely-cut, heart-shaped pendants in ruby and pink topaz!  “Lengths of gold chain and droplets of gems lying on the bottom of the old wooden chest – their shininess tortured the pirate lass.  She could just string them together, but she wanted to actually do a design!  After many fruitless attempts, an idea finally formed!  Diamond-shaped, gem-enhanced, the delicate chains coalesced into just what she wanted.  Satisfied, she presents to you, the AZE Jupiter Jewelry collection!”

Take a look at the fine detail on the necklaces!

Soon, these items will be available as sets, sold in-world at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store and on SL Marketplace!  So for next year’s Valentine’s Day, or just as a romantic gesture, these lovely pieces will be just the thing to thrill that special one’s heart!  Enjoy!

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