Have Finally Returned From A Long Sea Voyage….

It has taken a month to empty the ship’s holds and unpack my trunks, but I am finally prepared to turn the treasures I found into wonderful surprises for you!

Leaving New Orleans for the Caribbean in late May, I stopped in the Yucatan to hunt for Mayan treasure!  Then I headed up the eastern coast to the Mid-Atlantic states to hunt for shells.  After making the Atlantic crossing in mid-summer, I headed directly to the Mediterranean.

Most of late summer was spent searching the Greek Isles for sunken treasure – ah!  the mysterious lure of the Aegean sea!  After sailing close to the coast of Turkey, I tried to outrun the autumn storms on my way to Corsica, successfully navigating the straits of Messina.

My crew wanted a peek at Stromboli, that volcanic island majestically rising from the ocean.  As we passed it, a strange thing happened – a dense fog arose, that we sailed into cautiously.  When we emerged, we realized the weather had changed, we were heading into a winter’s gale.  We apparently picked up two stowaways as well:  tiny faerie folk that could change color and appearance at will!  When we finally docked in Calvi, we were shocked to find that two months had passed, and we were well into November.

Our journey ended in mid-December; I and my crew made landfall at our home port just in time for the winter holidays. Now that we have celebrated and rested, I am settling in and preparing to craft lovely items for your pleasure.  I have also been working on treasures for our new “Petite” friends.  Since they are preparing for Mardi Gras, and possess a devilish nature…I present to you:

Demonettes:  Horns & Tails in Red & Black!  (pitchforks included!)

These items can be found in world at the following locations:
Petite Avatar Kingdom

and of course at AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store

and on MarketPlace at:  AZE Petite Demonette Horns & Tails!


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