"My Heart Beats Blu" at AZE for Valentine’s Day!

“One of this pirate lass’ favorite ports of call is colorful New Orleans!  Once when putting in to drop off cargo, she was approached by an old salt offering for sale heart-shaped sapphires in graduating shades of red to blue!  What a perfect accent to her music-inspired jewelry links!”

This design originated in 2010 during the My Heart Bleeds Blue Hunt – seven heart sapphires in color shades ranging from red to purple to blue!  Then I was inspired to create original and lively gold links incorporating symbols and notes from a page of music! Put together, these delightful elements become the “My Heart Beats Blu” Jewelry line!

The line is dedicated to my SL friend BluJns – a fantastic DJ that has entertained thousands in world with her fabulous music sets and “basement blues.”

The “My Heart Beats Blu” Jewelry line consists of a delicate pair of earrings, a choker, a wider necklace, a set of two bracelets, a wrist chain, and a jewelry set that includes the necklace and earring designs.  All reasonably priced, and ready to purchase for your Valentine or favorite Music Lover alike!

You can find all of these designs on the Second Life MarketPlace here!

and of course at AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!


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