Stargazer Lily Crowns and Wands for Petites

Our little stowaways from our Mediterranean trip have kept us on our toes!  Despite their mischievous nature, and their tendency to sit on and try to ride on EVERYTHING, (the local squirrels run in terror now when the pixies appear), they have been a energetic source of inspiration.

After much pestering, I decided to try my hand at turning the gilded and silvered lilies found during our voyage into lovely crowns and tiny wands for our diminutive friends.  They have been a hit at the Petite Avatar Kingdom, and are now available at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store:

Crown & Wand in Gold & Diamonds
Crown & Wand in Gold & Rubies

Remember, these items are sized for our “Petite” friends, but may come available for us “giants” as well soon.  Meantime, they are modifiable, so a little tweaking and editing will make them “giant-sized” with a minimum of effort!

Crown & Wand in Silver & Diamonds
Crown & Wand in Silver & Sapphires

More lovely items to come!  And you can always send me a message with special requests!

To see more of these wee little ones (and maybe to catch their antics) make sure to visit the Petite Avatar Kingdom at Yabu!


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