Twisted Hunt March 2012

The Twisted Hunt for Spring 2012 is upon us – and AZE Designs is in it!!

I “found” my hunt offerings during our voyage to the deep Yucatan jungle of the Mayans.

My crew and I traveled there last spring, after leaving New Orleans, before I made the treacherous crossing to European waters.  We docked in Merida, and made our way into the jungle wilderness, following rumors of gold and riches…

Precious rubies and large chunks of jade “fell” into our laps, as well as some golden artifacts.  We heard many stories of “the end of times”  and of the native calendar coming to its end – of Yum Kimil, the “Lord of Death,” and of the twin heroes of Mayan legend that enslaved him in the underworld, where he still kicks at the foundations of creation, causing great earthquakes….

AZE Yum Kimil Mayan Necklace – Gold & Jade

Thank goodness we made it out of the Mexican jungle to tell the tale – actually the greatest danger were the over-sized mosquitoes that threatened to eat us in our hammocks!  We turned our ship into the Atlantic, heading deep into the Mediterranean for our next adventure!

AZE Yum Kimil Mayan Cowboy Hat!

Thus I created gold and jade links into a unique necklace and hat band for your pleasure!  Enjoy!  (Make sure to look at them closely!)

The hunt begins March 1st!!!  Get your inventories ready!!  More information on the Twisted Hunt here.


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