AZE Dagger of Lust Jewelry

Jewelry designed as part of the Twisted Krissmuss offerings:

This Pirate Lass loves the Twisted Hunt, and is soo proud of taking part – Yarr!  Thus, she has produced the following as part of that sale:

Dagger of Lust Earrings

These sharp daggers of sharp steel with golden handles are encrusted with bloody droplets of ruby!

Adorning hoop earrings, or

Dagger of Lust Necklace

as a delicate gold necklace featuring the ruby heart as well, these jewelry items are available separately or as a jewelry set at very reasonable prices!

Dagger of Lust Men’s Necklaces

And just for the men!  A special set of four necklaces on leather rope, featuring the ruby heart, precious doubloons, and of course the Dagger of Lust!  Worn separately or all together, a fine addition to any pirate’s wardrobe!

These items are all available at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store for very reasonable prices!
Also available on the Marketplace!


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