Gacha Gachas!

OMG Gachas!  (or are they Gatchas?)
However you spell them, they are just loads of fun, aren’t they?  Well, AZE has come up with four fun ones, all available at the special crystal balls found in the new Gacha area at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!  Each try is plenty cheap, and all are Mod/No copy/Transfer so you can play and trade with your friends, or give as gifts!

AZE Pirate Eye-Patch Women’s Gacha

Fun Pirate Eye-Patches!!  Women’s version – Men’s coming soonish!  The Rare has a diamond heart on it – oooo!

Stargazer Lily Petite Earring Gacha

And for Petites!  Stargazer Lily Earrings that match the Stargazer Lily Crown and Wand sets!

Crystal Starfish Petite Wand Gacha

And Wands!!  that match the Crystal Starfish Jewelry sets!

Shrunken Clown Skulls!

And finally!!  Fun Shrunken Clown Skull Shoulder Pets!  Everyone needs at least one of these!  Come Play!  Bring your friends!


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