AZE Designs at Fantasy Faire 2013 again!

 Again!  AZE Designs and Paper Moon shared a beautiful fairy lantern for a shop at the 2013 Fantasy Faire!

The Fantasy Faire is one of the most anticipated events in the SL Annual calendar.  It was a wonderful event, breaking all kinds of records for fund raising. We had a lot of fun setting up shop, creating a gypsified interior of all our materials and working surfaces to showcase our wares!  For AZE Designs, this was the first breakthrough of MESH!!!

Striped Limpet Shell Jewelry RFL Exclusives!

Varied Limpet Shells in RFL colors have been mounted and worked into a variety of Jewelry Items accented with gold, purple coral, baroque pearls and amethysts!  All items are available separately, and as a set that includes a tiara, neck piece, bracelets and earrings.

Another mesh item is a lovely Keyhole Limpet necklace hung on a silk cord and accented with purple coral beads and amethysts!

And for Petites!  Starfish & Pearl Jewelry Set!

A sinuous design of tarnished silver shows off purple starfish, turban shells and scallops, all accented with tiny pearls.  The Jewelry Set includes a tiara, necklace and bracelets – all fit for a petite mermaid!

All are RFL exclusives.

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