Oh Noes – Bewbapaloozas!!!

FACEPALM!  Well, here come the Tangos!
Ok, this pirate lass has a very good friend, and she loves her tangos!  And we all know what that means!  At the same time, the pirate lass yearns for the sea, and dreams of being a mermaid, even though they can be mortal enemies.  Nevertheless, a mermaid must maintain SOME modesty (ahem!).  So here come the Tango compatible and mesh pasties for all those lovely mer-ladies out there!

These lovely Limpet shells come in three sets of four shell choices, one with the colors of Air & Sand, one of Earth & Sun, and one of Ocean & Wave.

Each set comes with a special Tango applier hud, four sets of adjustable mesh pasties, and an AZE Designs pose stand.  All for about L$200 – what a deal!

And sometimes you can find the sets at half price at the monthly Bewbapaloozas!  More shells to follow – stay posted!

Available at the AZE Designs Jewelry Main Store and on Marketplace!


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