Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 – Carnival!

Well, mateys, September was crazy, especially on little Pirate Point Break.  We had the Twisted Hunt both at the AZE Designs Main Store and at Paper Moon, we had Mad Pea Hunters crawling all over Sohma’s store, we had a crazy Gacha fair out on the lawn…it was a madhouse.  But a very fun madhouse!

I think setting up the Gacha fair was the most fun, we had rides and games and gachas galore.  Here is my latest in the set up:

EVIL CARNIE SCUMGLASSES!!!  Based on the cheap wrap-arounds those evil carnies wear as they spin you around on those rides late at night.  The same type of glasses worn by  These were originally inspired by Ernest Worrel’s cousin, Billy “Boogie” Worrel, an old diehard carnie (watch YouTube at your own risk).

There are three sets of Gacha machines – six in each, one for men, one for women, one for petites!!  Each try is L$50.  All Gacha items are Mod/No Copy/Transfer so they are trade-able!  These are now available at the mini, semi-permanent gacha center on Pirate Point Break, located in the White Whale Tavern, make sure to visit, the gacha experience is growing!

Quoted from the Twisted Hunt itself:

“The first Twisted Hunt was in March of 2009, the second was in September of the same year. Now the 10th Twisted Hunt is upon us!  Ladies and gentlemen! Boils and ghouls, we bring you the theme of Carnival, a trip into the past, the present, the future. A cavalcade of fiends, freaks and fantasy. Magic and merriment, and the untold horrors behind the Big Top. Just watch where you are when the lights go out at the end of the show…”

 The AZE hunt gift for this round is the Evil Carnie Toolbelt – featuring all the twisted items a good evil carnie needs – All-Purpose Gum for those quick fixes, fire crackers, wrenches for loosening…er, tightening those bolts, a bottle of Gum’R Up for…oh never mind.  Suspicious powder and a mysterious water bottle completes the set!  And don’t forget that extra pair of scumglasses.

These items are now available in the special “Hunt Item” lucky chairs at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!


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