A Clockwork Spiral – an event to benefit the National Kidney Foundation

Hmm, Steampunk AND help a worthy cause?  I’m up for the challenge!  Ok, it might be more dark victorian, but pirates still sailed the seas, and who knows if an alternative steampunk universe, steamed-powered airships may have been more their speed?

AZE Magic Lantern Gem Slides Jewelry Set – photo by Nadia Voljeti

Ok “A Clockwork Spiral” came and went very quickly, but it was an incredible event.  Only running five days, from September 18 to 22, the event raised US $1, 082.47 for the National Kidney Foundation – which is incredible.  I’m very proud to have been part of the event, and look forward to participating again next year.

For this event, I found some unusual artifacts – magic lanterns dating from the turn of the century.  It’s what was used before there were slide projectors, or movies, or television, or internet, online programming…you get the picture.

The Magic Lantern Earrings are permanently exclusive to the ACS National Kidney Foundation cause, and all Marketplace sales go to this organization.
 Magic Lantern Gem Slide Jewelry

This Jewelry Set is based on the Magic Lantern Slide – that element of the magic lantern where the real magic lies!  In this set, precious gems twinkle through the lantern’s lens!

The earrings are priced at L$150, as are the bracelets.  The necklace is priced at L$200, and the entire jewelry set will be priced at L$350 – a significant discount of L$150!  All available at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store.

And they are up on MarketPlace as well!

So look for “A Clockwork Spiral” next year – I’ll be more prompt letting you know about it!


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