Genre October 2013 – STEAMPUNK!!

Yaaar!  Here is my very first offering for Genre – I’m so excited to be a part of it.  The October 2013 Genre is Steampunk, and this pirate lass likes to spend her fair share of time exploring this theme.  Airships are cool!

Gears in Steampunk are ubiquitous, but these were found during a raid off the coast of Britain, could have been near Blackpool.  What I thought were chests of Spanish gold were, to my disappointment, shipments of gears to an industrial site for some nefarious project, I’m sure! What useless baggage to have on board!!  Now that I had them, I decided to make them into decorative jewelry pieces.  I named this jewelry line “Impedimenta” because what was uneeded cargo were now shining elements to accent your favorite Steampunk outfit!

For Genre, I produced three simple versions, a jewelry set with necklace and earrings, in shades of Brass, Copper and Steel.  These are selling for L$100 each for the course of the event.  In the future, expect other metals, and possibly color-changing gems!  Also upcoming should be bracelets and even a tiara.

These items are 100% original unrigged mesh, with unique textures.  They are selling, of course, for L$100 each for the course of the Genre event.

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