Horrorfest 2013

And next, Horrorfest! This event runs through November 8!   Click here to grab a ride!

But give it a few days, the region is a little swamped.  When you first arrive, there is an evil Gacha forest, and here is mine:  AZE Diabolical Scumglasses set!

The first set of Evil Carnie Scumglasses were such a great hit, I’m going for it again for Horrorfest.   These were originally inspired by Earnest’s cousin, Billy “Boogie” Worrel, an old diehard carnie (you can look him up on Youtube).

Eight styles each, for both men and women, with possible more additions!  All images were created by my awesome, demented and twisted buds here in SL for me just for this project!  They will be gacha-ing for L$50 each.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a HUNT!!  Here is my silly little hunt gift:

Come look for the little orange pumpkin to get your own at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!!

Finally, here my new exclusives for Horrorfest!  At last a full set of my Yum Kimil design!

The original items were designed for the Twisted Hunt a while ago, and now they are expanded to mesh, and (so far) include an entire jewelry set – necklace, earrings and bracelets!  Here’s hoping a mens’ set is coming soon!

The Yum Kimil Bracelet Set is my 100% donation item for Horrorfest – set at L$200.  The earrings will sell for L$150 and the necklace for L$250.  All funds to go to the Epilepsy Therapy Project!

More Horrorfest information here at the website!

Reprising my little backstory about this jewelry line:

My latest find from the deep Yucatan of the Mayans.

My crew and I traveled there last spring, after leaving New Orleans, before I made the treacherous crossing to European waters.  We docked in Merida, and made our way into the jungle wilderness, following rumors of gold and riches…

Precious rubies and large chunks of jade “fell” into our laps, as well as some golden artifacts.  We heard many stories of “the end of times”  and of the native calendar coming to its end – of Yum Kimil, the “Lord of Death,” and of the twin heroes of Mayan legend that enslaved him in the underworld, where he still kicks at the foundations of creation, causing great earthquakes….
Thank goodness we made it out of the Mexican jungle to tell the tale – actually the greatest danger were the over-sized mosquitoes that threatened to eat us in our hammocks!  We turned our ship into the Atlantic, heading deep into the Mediterranean for our next adventure!

Thus I created gold & jade links into a unique jewelry set for your pleasure!  Enjoy!  (Make sure to look close!)

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