AZE Alwilda’s Manacles for Genre, November 2013

Another round of Genre is upon us!  And get ready, it’s all about the BDSM.

To be honest, this pirate runs a very egalitarian ship, commanding respect and cajoling her shipmates to move ever upward and onward with each adventure.  Pirates were the first true modern democrats, after all.  No time for tomfoolery aboard – so BDSM?  nah!AZE AM Croco&Copper Womens

But pirates do have fetters and manacles for those occasional prisoners and hostages that cross their path, albeit relatively soft leather ones thus was created Alwilda’s Manacles:

AZE AM Lizard&Gold Womens Poster 512

We have Crocodile and Copper Manacles, Lizard and Gold Manacles, and Black Stingray and Silver Manacles.  Sized separately for men and women, each set has three lace styles in each box – white, black and of course, dirty!

AZE AM BlackStingray&Silver Womens Poster 512But how are these related to BDSM?  Well, a little imagination is needed, and these items ARE modifiable, thus usable for any possible script additions of your choice.  Also, conveniently place D-rings and tasteful triskelion symbols complete the design.

Did I mention that these are available, sized for meAZE AM BlackStingray&Silver Mens Poster 512n as well?

AZE AM Lizard&Gold Mens Poster 512

 AZE AM Croco&Copper Mens Poster 512There ARE instructions for hiding the lace, if you might be, let’s just say, Lace-Averse, along with an AZE Pose Stand.  Just in case.  Meantime, I think your man should be, well, man enough for lace?  I would hope so!  All of these goodies are L$100 each and available at the Genre event as of noon, November 15!

And who was Alwilda?  Well, according to legend (and Wikipedia) she was a Scandinavian princess turned pirate!  Here is her story:

Alwilda was the daughter of a 5th-century Scandinavian king.  It is said that the King, her father, had arranged a marriage for her to Alf, the crown prince of  Denmark. Being a high spirited princess though, Alwilda refused her father’s choice, and chose instead a life of adventure.  She persuaded her fellow rebellious ladies to dress like sailors and commandeer a ship, which they did, successfully.  While sailing, they came across a pirate ship that had recently lost its captain, and the pirates elected Alwilda to take his place!  The King of Denmark sent his son and a navy ship to battle with these “irksome” pirates.  Prince Alf and his men were able to board their ship and gain the upper hand in the battle.  Alwilda was so impressed with the prince’s courage that she revealed her true identity, and agreed to marry him.   After a quick shipboard wedding, the couple lived happily ever after as King and Queen of Denmark.


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