Ah! Come see the AZE Trading Post on Port Seraphine!

trading post basic small

The crew was restless, so we decided on a short pleasure cruise in the western oceans.  We put in port at Port Seraphine, one of my favorite destinations of yore.  Imagine to my surprise, I found my old shipmate, sohma Dawling, of Paper Moon renown, setting up shop in an old abandoned cathedral!  Nearby was an old fish market shoppe, so I decided to set anchor for a bit, rent the old place, and set up an AZE Trading Post.  (We all need a trading post, am I right?)

Red Velvet Sale main poster

Well, the ladies of Port Seraphine have decided to hold some kind of sale, a Black Friday sale?  I’m not sure what makes it a Black Friday, but I decided to join and create the Red Velvet boards.  Wherever you see the Red Velvet boards, expect significant savings for a limited time!  So sail your way to Port Seraphine from November 29 – December 1, 2013 to see what treasure you may find!  The ride is here!


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