Happy 2014! Come see the rebuilt AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store!

Well, the scavenged parts from the old brigantine I marooned onto Pirate Point Break years ago were finally becoming firewood material.  So I traded some baubles for a new furnace, and began “reclaiming” new-ish parts from sundry shipyards (shhh, just between us!).

Refreshed Main Store panorama

With some clever sessions with hammer and nail, and a fresh coat of marine varnish, the AZE Main Store has been expanded a bit and refurbished. Several hangout areas were designated.  Here’s the new furnace!

Hang out around the fire

Oh, and there’s a crow’s nest.  For me, the captain of this ship (alright, you also may sit at times but you must make way for the captain should she arrive – yaaar!).

crows nest

And I finally hoisted all the flags I won in – ahem – poker games from all those rival captains.  Come see the collection!

Pirate Flag collection

Lots of fun stuff for the new year – first up is Enchantment:  Little Red Riding Hood.  Then February Genre which will be dedicated to the Fae!  And then the ball gets rolling for Fantasy Faire 2014!  Come visit the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store here!


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