Here Comes Little Red Riding Hood to Enchantment!

Well, this pirate has spent some time on the Rhine – really.  And floating down the Danube.  Why not?  At some point, she has encountered those strange denizens of the dark European forests with “Enchanted” stories of their own.  One of her finds is the Baneful Wolf’s Eye Necklace!

AZE Baneful Wolf's Eye Necklace Mens AZE Baneful Wolf's Eye Necklace Womens

Little Red has worn this very necklace on her way to Grandmother’s house – along with red hood and basket of goodies. This necklace is both talisman and warning – beware, wolves everywhere!  The Baneful Wolf’s Eye on the dagger’s hilt will protect the wearer, along with bloodstone chunks for courage, and great wolves teeth dangling as a reminder of what can happen if a wild thing gets too close!  Along with a bit bloodied version, the necklace comes in either men’s or women’s sizes.

This necklace is available exclusively for the month of February at the Enchantment Little Red Riding Hood event beginning February 1, 2014.  Then it will disappear back into myth and legend!

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