Review Items Policy

Interested in Blogging Specific Items?

I would love to have you review my items for your blog!  If you see something on my pages that would fit a theme that you are putting together for an article, please send me a notecard in world with your

  • sl name
  • link to your blog site
  • specific name of the item that you are interested in.
  • Also a little explanation of what your blogging idea is would be great as well.

I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I need to join your in-world group?  How do I learn about the very latest items released?

I really don’t have an inworld group for my store, but I do have a subscriber list that I maintain.  So no need for you to join a group specifically for updates, instead, if you would like to know what new items are coming in store, please let me know and I will add you to the subscriber list.

Blogging an event that I’m in?

Also, if you see me list an upcoming event on the site that you will be blogging for, and would like to blog my item specifically, please send a notecard in world with the information listed above.  Again I will respond promptly.

Please send notecards to Amilia Zabaleta inworld.  Alternately, you can send me an email at:


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