Flux Americana!

So honored to be a part of the wonderful Flux Event Circuit!  The organizers have a wonderful calendar of themes set up – this month is “Americana” and it’s been fun to see what the designers have come up with!  The sim’s theme itself reminds me of a lost desert town in the American West, circa 1950s, complete with gas station, motel and diner.

My offerings for this cycle of Flux is “Hex” Jewelry – based on Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs.  These colorful designs are often scene on barns and houses in the rural Pennsylvania communities, and are placed there to protect and bring luck to all there.  I can’t think of anything more “Americana” then that!

I created two jewelry sets, one with the Hex symbol for Love

And one with the Hex symbol for Abundance!

Both items are fully mesh – and there is a possibility that a texture-change version will be available in the future!

Tigist Sapphire did a great blog post of these, with such a sexeh picture!

These items are now available at the AZE Jewelry Designs Main Store and on Marketplace!


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